South Island Mountains

I took this picture on a hike up Roy's Peak near Wanaka, New Zealand. My friend Eric had heard that the views from this hike were incredible, and what he had heard was absolutely correct. We climbed over fence posts and walked through sheep filled pastures on our way up the mile-high peak, where I had Eric walk out for a little ways as I set up to take this picture. The distant mountains contrasted against the vast lakes in front of us to make this one of the most powerful views of my life, and to me, this picture represents the incredible feeling of standing on that mountain during that surreal day.

I was convinced that I'd never have a view like Roy's Peak again. Yet, a mere two days later on our road trip across the South Island by campervan, I found myself standing on Ben Lomond Peak, utterly blown away by the scale of the view that lay in front of me. We looked out over Queenstown; the "Adventure Capital of the World", and also the origin of our hike. To see the little dots that represented the large town we had just been walking around in dwarfed by the massive mountains and lakes surrounding it put into perspective just how raw and untamable of a landscape we were standing in.

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