Hot Sands and Bright Stars

On the Coromandel Peninsula of the North Island of New Zealand, there is a magical beach. Here, when the tide is low and the night is cold, those who know the secret gather in a very specific area. Shovels are pulled from bags as outer clothes are shed to expose goosebump-covered skin. Then, they go to work digging holes deep and wide into the ground. As soon as they do, steaming hot water fills up the holes that are dug, defying the cold weather outside. Soon, this community of revelers settles in, lounging in holes of all sizes to soak in the heat as they enjoy the company of each other under the starlight. This night, I snuck away as my friends perfected our own personal hot tub to capture this picture of the scene.

#NewZealand #Coromandel #Friends #Adventures

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